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Central Florida Accordion Club


Featured Member for July 2003

Allen Herbeck


A look back over the prolific accordion career of  Allen Herbeck . . .

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Allen began his
accordion career at the age of eight years.  In high school he
played the saxaphone in the school concert band and began
forming his first group consisting of accordion, sax, trumpet,
and drums.  




Allen's high school combo evolved into the
"Allen Herbeck Quintet" which played the
circuit of fraternal clubs, weddings, and private
parties including a political gig for the Mayor of
Chicago.  This all came to an end when the
Korean War began.



On stage in 1947

Allen enlisted and served four years in the US
Air Force.  During his service, he played at Air
Force installations in the Azores, Labrador,
Newfoundland, and the Southeastern US.



The "Allen Herbeck Quintet",

With a BS degree in electrical engineering, Allen and his
wife Sadie, their sons Gary and Rodney came to Orlando
in 1959.  He worked for Martin Marietta and the Navy
Simulation and Training Command at the UCF Research
Park.  During this period he played with some local
combos and eventually formed the "Music Makers" whose
members were his sons and himself.  They performed in
the Central Florida area until 1975 when his oldest son
graduated from the University of Florida.  Since that
time, Allen has been a hobbyist.  As a member of the
CFAC and the FAA, Allen has rekindled his interest in
playing once again.


Allen and sons,

Allen is a very active CFAC member and usually
attends meetings with his wife.   You can hear
Allen play at any meeting -- he often solos but has
been known to team up with CFAC members Sonny
Tirpak and Vince Aleandri for duos and trios.  



Sadie and Allen at a recent CFAC

As a regular at our meetings, you entertain the membership and
are always there to help out with what needs to be done.  We all
appreciate what you do for the club.      May you enjoy continued
happiness during your retirement --
                                                 and keep on playing!


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