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Central Florida Accordion Club
Featured Member for July, 2004

Emily Pease
Emily w/ her trophies received at the Jacksonville
State Music Festival
Emily poses with all her instruments at home
Emily Camille Pease was born on November 29th, 1994 in Altamonte Springs, Florida.  She has always
risen to whatever challenge is thrown at her and is eager to learn.  She likes the limelight and volunteers
to get on stage in various capacities.  She is very active in a variety of activities while maintaining great
marks in school.   Music is also a big part of her life.

Her school career began at the age of two at the Seminole Community College in the Terrific Twos
program.  They learned some basic music skills at a very early age.  Who says children don’t go to college
still wearing diapers???  At age three, she attended Rollins College Child Development Center and was
studied by college students with Education majors.  At age four, she was enrolled at the King of Kings
Evangelical Lutheran School.  At age eight, she transferred to The Parke House Academy in Winter Park
as a result of looking for a more stimulating academic atmosphere.  They use textbooks from 3rd Grade in
2nd Grade, but she kept up admirably.
Emily performs at a CFAC meeting
Mrs. Genie Harris, Emily’s teacher, hosts Spring
and Fall recitals each year
She began her piano lessons with Genie Harris in 1st Grade.  After the first year of lessons, Emily
learned of Genie's violin ability and requested to play two instruments like her teacher.  Then one day
Genie had accidentally left her accordion near her piano and Emily saw it.  Genie complied with a quick
demonstration song on the accordion.  Now Emily was hooked on the accordion, too!  The cello followed soon
after, due to Genie's husband, Steve, who plays one.  Then the guitar followed because of how common
they are.  Now she continues taking lessons in all five instruments from Genie.  Emily taught herself to
play the recorder over Christmas holiday.  The only thing on her Christmas List for Santa to bring was an
Alto Saxophone, so he complied.  Her new sax teacher is also showing her how to play the drums.  It’s
eight instruments now in her repertoire!  

Piano continues to be her favorite instrument, but she has actually made great strides in all her
instruments.  She competed for the past three years at the district level Florida Federation of Music
Festivals held at UCF.  She received Superior ratings in each category each year, progressing to a total
of five piano categories:  solo, hymn, patriotic, sight play, and theory.  This allowed Emily, each year, to
attend the State Festival in Jacksonville.    This year, Emily added four additional instruments to the
District Level competition, and achieved Superior ratings in all five.  This entitled her to compete again at
the State Festival, but this time in five instruments.  She received first place trophies in Classical Guitar
Solo and Accordion Solo, and honorable mention ribbons (2nd place) for Piano Sight Play and Cello Solo.  She
also received two Gold Cups for Piano Solo and Piano Hymns this year.  This might be the only time a
student has placed in FIVE different instruments at this statewide event.

Emily also excels at the Piano Guild.  Last year, Emily entered the National level and received that award
by memorizing 10 piano songs.  This year, she received the International Award by playing 20 memorized
tunes.  This demonstrates how ambitious she is in competitions.  She also enjoys performing at the monthly
CFAC meetings!

Another example of rising to a challenge occurred in first grade.  Her teacher challenged the class to read
100 books.  Emily read over 1,800 and was rewarded with an article in the Orlando Sentinel.  Emily
continues to read and is now up to approximately 2,500 books.  With all this reading and music practice,
she also finds time for friends and sports.  She plays soccer for the Maitland Soccer League.  She makes
an excellent Goalie and Forward!  She loves the area theme parks for fun, too.  This is where she can be
seen volunteering to get up on stage for various attractions there!  She just performed in her school play
of “Mary Poppins” by kicking off the event playing a medley of songs from the play, while also performing
as a banker.  This nine year old is not afraid to be in front of a crowd!  She is a remarkable young lady
with a very bright future ahead of her.


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